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Friday, November 14, 2014


I love what I do, but you know that because I tell you all the time!  I get so excited when a teacher writes and tells me how she "harvests" one of my ideas and makes it even better.  Here's an email from Dawn Scroggins and a "stinky" idea for you to use this week for any skill you want to reinforce.  Just take a look at the picture to see how much her kids enjoy this game!

I was blessed to attend a Dr. Jean event, at which she shared the game “Stinky Cheese.” I returned to my kindergarten classroom and immediately set about creating the game for my children, making one for shapes and one for letters. They loved it! How much fun to hear children calling out “stinky cheese” while learning/reviewing. I began to create more versions of the same game, and thought….boring! I went on to make “Stinky Socks” and “Stinky Feet” for sight word learning/review. They were definitely a hit! Today, as I was trying to come up with a way to practice numeral recognition and counting, I was again hit with a brain
storm…”Stinky Cards”. I just took all of the hearts out of a deck of classroom cards and added an ace of spades for the “Stinky Card.” It was another success, so I now have six sets of “Stinky Cards” for my children’s use. They will all recognize numerals and count soon, I just know it!!! My next cards will be “Stinky Dog” and “Stinky Cat.” Thanks Dr. Jean for helping me to keep fun in the classroom. 

Dawn Scroggins (Campbellsburg Elementary, Henry County, Kentucky)

Click here to download the cards.
P.S.  If you don't know how to play the game, just write words, letters, math facts, shapes, etc. on 5" squares cut out of card stock or poster board.  Glue the stinky feet or socks to a few cards.  Place them in a bag, shake, and let the children take turns choosing cards and identifying the information.  If they get a "stinky" card they hold their nose and put all their cards back in the bag.

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