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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This will build on some of the creative strategies for reading that I shared yesterday. You can also use these different styles for counting, going over word wall words, and reviewing other information.

Write “Voice Box” on a small box or gift bag. Write the different styles on index cards and place them in the box. Let several children choose cards and then use that “voice” to repeat information.

Rainbow – Open hands and place on the left side of your body. Swing up and across the body in an arc as you read each line.

Lip Sinc - Mouth the words.

Pirate - Read out of the side of your mouth. Grrr, matie!

Typewriter - Pretend to type with your fingers as you move eyes from left to right. Ding, and then “return the carriage” when you get to the end of the line.  (Yeah, I know children don't know what a typewriter is, but they still like to do this.)

Cartoon Characters - Read like “Fred Flintstone” (bounce up and down),

Scooby Doo (Ruff! Ruff!), Mickey and Minnie and other characters children suggest.

Backwards – Face the back of the room and read.

Alien – Make antennae with index fingers over your head. “Beep” for the syllables in the words.

Here is a video where you can watch me demonstrate these strategies:

Download the fluency cards here: