Monday, November 24, 2014


Don’t you love it when you find something “old” and it’s “new” again to you? This is a cool nursery rhyme book that you can read and sing with your class whenever you have a few minutes during the day.

Materials: file folder, 2 book rings, glue, alphabet letters, nursery rhyme posters (I downloaded the nursery rhyme posters from “rhyme a week” at


Directions: Glue the alphabet to the right side of the file folder. Place the rhymes on the left side of the folder, punch two holes, and attach with book rings as shown. Sing the rhymes to the tune of “100 Bottles of Pop on the Wall” and then sing the ABC’s between each verse.
Have children stand and clap as you sing the rhyme, then have them tap left hand to right knee and right knee to left hand as you sing the alphabet.