Friday, May 29, 2015


Hiker’s Necklace
(My kids loved making these, although it might be difficult to find film containers now.) Using a hammer and nail, make a hole in the bottom of a film container and in the lid. Cut a piece of cord or string that can easily go over the child’s head and thread it through the holes. Decorate with stickers and markers. Put a band-aid, the child’s name and address, a piece of gum, etc. inside.

Sit Upon
Cut paper grocery sacks into 12” squares. Each child will need two. Punch holes around the edges and then sew three sides together with yarn. (Wrap a piece of tape around the end of the yarn to make a needle.) Stuff with newspaper strips and then sew up the fourth side. Sit “upon” it for a story, sing along, or picnic.
*Let children decorate the squares before sewing them together.

Sun Visor
Cut a moon shape from a paper plate. Decorate with markers or crayons. Punch holes in the ends and tie on string so you can tie it around the head.

Nature Bracelet
Put a piece of masking tape or packaging tape with the sticky side out on each child’s wrist to make a bracelet. Children attach small leaves, flowers, etc. to the tape to make a nature bracelet. 

Sticky Picture
Cut clear contact paper into small rectangles and give one to each child. Peel off the back and then let children apply leaves, flowers, and other small objects to the sticky side.
*Cover with another piece of contact paper and use as a place mat.

Pet Rocks
Let each child find a rock that they can hold in their hand. After cleaning their rocks, let them decorate the rocks with paints, wiggly eyes, yarn hair, etc. Ask the children to name their pet rocks and make up a story about their rocks.

Nature Rubbings
Let children collect objects with different textures on the playground. Remove the paper from several crayons. Place paper over the objects and then rung gently with the side of the crayon.