Friday, May 22, 2015


Alex May, my webmaster, created this little video to go with my “Elephant Song.”

Here’s a simple puppet you can make or the children could bring an old sock from home and make their own. This project ties in well with HORTON HEARS A WHO or SEVEN BLIND MICE. 

Materials: 1 white paper plate, 1 old sock, crayons, 2 brad fasteners, 1 gray sheet construction paper

Directions: Cut 2 ears out of gray construction paper. Cut a circle large enough for your hand out of the middle of the paper plate. (Color the plate gray if you desire.) Draw a face on the plate as shown. Attach the 2 ears to the sides of the plate with brad fasteners. Insert your hand in the sock, and then stick the sock through the back of the plate to create the elephant's nose.

Elephants walk like this and that.

They're terribly big and terribly fat. 

They have no hands, they have no toes.

But, goodness, gracious, what a nose!

Think about it! Why do elephants have long noses? How do they use their noses? What would you do with a long nose? (These could be prompts for a discussion or writing assignment.)