Sunday, May 3, 2015


Oh, yeah! It just dawned on you that Mother’s Day is this Sunday and you are running out of time. It’s the little things that count, and mothers will be just as happy with one of these little cards. 

Love Flower
Trace around the child’s hand and let them cut it out. To make the card fold a sheet of paper in half, glue down the palm, and add a stem and leaves as shown. Bend down the fingers to make the sign for “I love you.” Children can decorate the inside with their own drawings and message.

Handprints to Save
Children can put their hands in paint and then press on a sheet of paper. Add this poem:
            Here are my handprints
            Made for you
            This happy Mother’s Day.
            These are ones
            You can always keep
            And not have to wash away!
Hint! I made mud paint (dirt and water) and let my children dip their hands in the mud instead of paint. They loved it!

The Best Gift of All
Fold a sheet of paper into eighths as shown. Open and cut down halfway on the three creased lines. Fold in half and write the following on the flaps:
            Some gifts are round.
            Some gifts are tall.
            Some gifts are large.
            Some gifts are small.
Open and write:
            But a gift from the heart is the best gift of all.
Let children draw appropriate gifts on the flaps and then draw their picture or glue their photo to the inside.