Tuesday, May 5, 2015


You're going to love these ideas teachers from Seattle and Portland shared last week!

Space Aliens (Jessica Nasset)

Turn an eye pointer into a space alien who looks for spaces between words when they are writing.
*Glue the googly eye to a craft stick and glue pieces of pipe cleaner to the back.

First Thing on Your Paper (Christine Williamson)
The first thing I do is always the same.
Pick up a pencil and write my name!

Sky Writing (Tiffaney Fultz)
Use your finger like a plane for air writing. First warm up your plane (blow on your finger). Remember your plane has to go up and fly high in the sky.
(This will encourage them to make big movements.)

Teacher's Name
(Karen Foley)
This song to the tune of "Bingo" will help students learn your name ten times faster at the beginning of the school year.
There was a teacher at Lincoln School
Ms. Foley was her name-o.
F - O - L - E - Y (Spell in sign language.)
F - O - L - E - Y
F - O - L - E - Y
And Ms. Foley was her name-o.

I Sing...(Karen Foley) 
Adapt "Ten Little Indians" for every topic in the year. 
"1 little, 2 little” for pumpkins, spiders, etc. Also include sign language. 
1 little, 2 little, 3 little pumpkins,
4 little, 5 little, 6 little pumpkins,
7 little, 8 little, 9 little pumpkins in the pumpkin patch (or at the store, or on the farm, etc.)

Macarena Months
Do the 12 months in the year to the macarena ending with "There are 12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 days in a year, WHOO!" (Point to the sky on Whoo!)

My Favorite Authors
Introduce your favorite authors with a picture of the author on a cabinet or shelf. When you read a book by that author put a picture of the cover under the author.

Emotions Song (Tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It")
Sing different emotions in the song and act them out.
For example: If you're sad and you know it make a frown...
If you're mad and you know it cross your arms...
Tired, shy, scared, etc.

Emotional Shapes

Teach shapes with emotions and you'll get two birds with one stone. It sticks better and it's more engaging!
For example: If you're a triangle and you know it, stick out your tongue.
If you're a square and you know it, stomp your feet, etc.

Puffy Paint Words (Elizabeth)
Make sight words out of puffy paint for students who are having a hard time. Then make sentence strips where they can put their puffy paint words in the correct spot. (Even the boys like the glittery paints and the words are interesting to feel.)

Color Farm (Nikki & Lisa - Brick Zone Kids)
Write color words on cards in the appropriate color and add an animal sticker. Pass these out and as the song is sung the child with that color card stands up.
*For alphabet songs pass out large cut-outs for the children to hold and stand up.
(Check out preschoolgause@blogspot.com for photos.)

Sounding Out Words
Put a rubber band around your hands in a praying position. Demonstrate that if you pull your hands apart quickly they will slap together and hurt. If you pull your hands apart slowly it won't hurt. Sounding out words is similar. You can hear more sounds in a word if you say the world slowly. Then you can write down the sounds. (Children mimic the "rubber band" as they try to sound out and spell words.)

B and D (Maria Chesney)
Fold in knuckles and bump them together. Stick up the left thumb to make a "b" and the right thumb to make a "d." "b" is for the baby and "d" is for the diaper. Make a poster with a picture of a baby on the left and a picture of a diaper on the right.

Name Song (Crystal Frazier & Tammy Kaufman)
My name is T - A - M - M - Y (Clap on each letter.)
But you can call me Tammy.

Class Names (Tune: "Ten Little Indians")
Aiden, Grayson, Hugh, Jack
Jacob, Jayden, Mac, Maddie
Nicholas, Oliver, Samuel Willa
These are the kids in our class.
*Sing this song all year to learn each other's names, alphabetical order, etc. With different class sizes, just adjust the names to fit by either singing quickly in a row or drawing out one name a little longer.

Computer Passwords (Clarissa Schmidt)
Use important words for technology passwords. For example:
first name
last name
phone number
sight words
patterns, etc.

IPad Pencil (Molly Norris)
Use pencil grip instead of a loose finger on the iPad.

Birdies (Molly Norris)
At the beginning of the year sing the song about the birdies as all the kids lay quietly on the floor. When the song says, "Good morning! Good morning" a student flips on the lights and all the children sit up and sing. This helps them learn to follow directions and wait quietly.  
Pencil Bracelet (Marlana Graham)
A pony tail band, rubber band, string, and bead make this bracelet that will help children get the correct pencil grip.