Friday, May 8, 2015


Things are buzzing in the air this time of year, so how about a few games with bugs and flies. 

Swat the Fly
Cut flies out of construction paper and write numerals on them. Tape to the wall or staple to a bulletin board. Give one child a fly swatter and have them turn their back to the wall as you say this rhyme:
            Turn around and swat the fly.
            Tell me the number that you spy.
The child turns around, swats a fly, and identifies the number.

*Write letters, words, etc. on the flies.

*Make a game with two teams. One child from each team holds a fly swatter. The teacher calls out a number, word, math fact, etc. and the first child to swat it correctly wins a point for their team.

Bug Me
Cut bugs out of construction paper and write letters, numerals, words, etc. on them. Place on the floor or tape to a wall.

Download the fly and bug pattern here: