Monday, June 8, 2015


School is over or it’s winding down and you finally have a minute to breath and think about what you want to do for YOU this summer. If you want to sing, dance, make things, and meet new friends, you’ll love my Summer Camp. I often tell people it’s like a revival because “believers” who think teaching and learning should be JOYFUL are the ones who attend. I promise you’ll be excited about starting the new school year because you will leave with TONS of activities you can use all year long to make those standards more FUN for your students.
Where and when?
Indianapolis, IN, June 22 & 23
Detroit (Livonia), MI, July 13 & 14
Austin, TX, August 6 & 7

Want to know more?

DAY 1: Totally Reading
• Brain Energizers—Sing Along • Review of Research • Focusing on Standards • Creating a Literate
Environment • Print Knowledge • Functional Print • Phonological Awareness • Fun Phonics • Stories to Promote Oral
Language • Word Games and Fluency • Comprehension Strategies •Vocabulary Builders • Writing Connections • Writing Across the Curriculum

DAY 2: Totally Math and Classroom Management
• Brain Energizers—Sing Along Handshakes
• 21st Century Skills • Math Standards • Counting Songs • Numbers and Sets • Addition and Subtraction • Algebraic Thinking
• Geometry, Measurements • Math Every Day • Differentiating Instruction • Questioning Strategies and
Mind Mapping • Games That Teach • Center Management • Principles of Classroom
Management • “Tricks” and Transition Tips • Home/School Connections