Thursday, June 25, 2015


Right now I'm tiptoeing through the tulips in Amsterdam. My husband and I are meeting Holly and her family there. (They have been at the University of Adelaide for several months.) The windmills will come in second to seeing Kalina and K.J. We can't wait to take the pancake boat trip where you cruise around the harbor and can eat as many pancakes as you want. We're also going to Brussels and top on the list are the chocolate museum and comic book museum. We've got our priorities straight!!!

I've got blogs ready to post while I'm gone, but I'll share some photos when we get home.  Wishing you happy summer days!

Why?    cvc words, word families, sight words

What?   cookie tin, magnetic letters

How?    Place a set of magnetic letters inside the cookie tin. On the inside cover make three lines with a permanent marker. Have the children take out the letters and place them around the lid in alphabetical order. Call out a sound and have the children select that letter and place it on the first line in the lid. Call out a second sound. Call out a third sound. Blend the sounds and read the word.

More!   Use for other phonics lessons. “What other words can you make by changing the first sound?” “Can you make a word by changing the end sound?”

Use letter tins for spelling words and other word games.

Letter tins are useful for partner activities or small group instruction.

Store small magnetic letters in a breath mint tin.

Use magnetic letters on a cookie sheet to make words.

Hide magnetic letters in a sandbox and let children hunt for them with a magnet.