Monday, June 1, 2015


Some of you are happy campers because school is out, but some of you still have weeks to go. No worries because my June website will be up all month and you’ll have plenty of time to create a “back to school” kit with ten free things. 
You’re going to love the transition packet created by Kristina from Texas. She used some of my old chants, but she also added some great new ideas of her own. The download has an introduction about transitions, as well as QR codes so you can hear Kristina and I sing and say the rhymes. You can turn these into a book or tape them around your classroom for a quick reminder.
Her call backs are contagious!

Teacher: Ready to rock
Children: Ready to roll

Teacher: Ba da bup ba ba
Children: I’m loving it

Teacher: Your turn
Children: Let’s learn 
I think it would be helpful to introduce one each day as the “secret signal” for your class.  Shhh! Explain that nobody else in the school will know about it. Post it on the board and practice reading over it and responding. Everyone will want to participate to prove that they "know" the secret signal for the day!