Monday, June 22, 2015


Over the next few days I'm going to share some materials you might want to make this summer for your classroom. And, yes, they are cheap, easy, and multi-functional. Most of these can be used with pre-k through primary grades. They could be used in a center, with a small group, or with a partner. For more of a challenge, have children write the words after they have made them.

Why?   sounding out words, spelling simple words, making CVC words, sight words

What?  spring clothespins, jumbo craft sticks, markers, index cards, pictures of CVC words

How?   Write letters of the alphabet on the clothespins. Glue pictures of simple words on the index cards. Children choose a card and then sound out the letters and clip them to the index card to make the word.
Hint! Write the words on the back of the index cards so children can self-correct.

More?  Write sight words on the craft sticks. Children clip the clothespin to the stick to make the word. Can they write the word?