Saturday, June 20, 2015


I think many of you know that I live in Charleston, South Carolina, and I thank you for your prayers. We are hurt, sad, outraged, shocked...and we are all grieving. My husband and I have worshipped at the AME church where the tragedy occurred and it is a church of LOVE.

I have no words - only tears. I am so proud of the way our city has come together to hold hands and try to get through this. I am reminded of my song called "The African Village Song." It's a song about good times (when the sun comes down) and difficult times (when the rain comes down). But the rain and the sun make the flowers bloom. The flowers are all our children. And the children are why we keep going, and why we hold hands, and why we know that love will sustain us and bring us peace. From my heart, I thank you for the prayers for our city.

The African Village Song
When the rain comes down, (Wiggle fingers down.)
Comes down on everyone. (Open arms.)
When the rain comes down,
Comes down on everyone.
Rich or poor, great or small, (Pretend to throw money away and the pull elbow.)
It really doesn’t matter at all. (Rub fingertips back and forth.
When the rain comes down on everyone.

Then the sun comes down…(Make arms in a circle.)

Then the flowers bloom… (Bring one hand up through the other like a flower growing.)

This is the Ravenel bridge where Charlestonians will come together tomorrow night at dusk to hold hands.  I'll be in Indianapolis for my Summer Camp, but I'll still be holding hands.