Wednesday, January 18, 2017


My webmaster just finished making this video where children can practice writing numerals. Have them stand and use their finger to make the numerals in the air as they follow along with the song.

Chant and Write
(Children echo each line.)

Zero is where it all begins- (Slap thighs to the beat.)
Curve down around and up again.

Number one is so much fun—
Pull straight down and you’ve got a one.

Number two is easy to do—
Up around down and across makes two.

Number three is simple to see—
Draw two humps sideways and that’s a three.

Number four I do adore—
Go down, across, then down some more.

We’ve reached five, now let’s not stop—
Pull down, circle round, put a hat on top.

Number six is easy to fix—
Big curve, small loop will give you six.

Number seven is really sizzlin’—
Straight across, slant down, and that’s a seven.

Number eight isn’t very straight—
Make “S” then back up for an eight.

Number nine I think you’re fine—
A loop on top of a long straight line.

Number ten we’ve reached the end—
Put a one by a zero and count again:

Activities: Challenge children to write the numerals with their elbow, foot, and other body parts.

Squirt shaving cream (non-menthol) on children’s desks and let them trace numerals as they sing.

Let children practice writing numerals on a paved surface with chalk.

Run off the attached book. Put little drops of glue on top of the numerals so children can trace over them as they sing.  Wouldn't this be perfect for the listening center?