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Sunday, January 8, 2017


Several weeks ago as I was waiting for an exercise class to begin I saw one of my friends bouncing around like she’d consumed a few cans of Red Bull. I said, “You sure are full of energy!” She responded, “When I watched the TODAY show this morning they said to bounce around and dance for a minute to boost your attitude and energy.” Hmmm??? I checked it out and every morning on the TODAY show they have a tip called “One Small Thing.” I signed up for the daily email and most ideas are positive, simple, and free.

Sounded like a good blog idea – especially for this time of year! You know I’ve been writing a daily blog for over 5 years. That’s 365 blogs a year!!! Sometimes I do “repeats” but many nights I lay awake and go through my brain files trying to think of something new to share with you. Believe it or not, this is actually therapy for me! If I didn’t have my blog to think about I might get dementia or have to start playing bridge. Just kidding!

I don’t want to be a copy cat so I’m going to call my Sunday blogs “One Little Thing.” Each Sunday I will try to share one little thing that you can incorporate in your classroom that is simple and can add a little joy to your day. I once told teachers at a workshop, “I am not your meat and potatoes. I am your condiment.” You already have a curriculum and standards – I just want to try and add a little sugar or salt or ketchup to them to make them taste better.
So, the “one little thing” this week is to bounce and jump for a minute. You could do this at morning meeting, between small groups or content areas, or whenever the children are restless. Have them stand and pretend to be a bouncing ball, jump rope, or do a silly dance. Play some happy music and watch the minute hand on the clock go around one time.
Can’t hurt, and this “one little thing” might make those little brains work better and might put a smile on the faces of your “little things.”