Monday, January 9, 2017


There’s nothing like a good story to capture children’s attention and nurture their literacy skills. Oral language, phonological awareness, comprehension, sequencing, and multiple skills are reinforced with stories. The secret ingredient to a good story is YOU! You add the magic with your enthusiasm and unique
Before telling your story you need to focus children’s attention with a chant or rhyme similar to the ones

If you want to hear a story, (Snap fingers to the
This is what to
Sit down
And I’ll tell one to
That’s right, that’s right, (Point to children sitting
That’s right, that’s right!

Two Little Hands
Two little hands go clap, clap, clap. (Clap hands 3 times.)
Two little fingers go snap, snap, snap. (Snap fingers 3 times.)
Two little eyes go blink, blink, blink. (Blink eyes.)
If you want to hear a story go wink, wink, wink. (Wink eyes.)
(Lower your voice as you say each line.)

Hands Up High
Hands up high. (Hands in the air.)
Hands down low. (Hands down.)
Hide those hands, now. (Hands behind your back.)
Where did they go? (Shrug shoulders.)
One hand up. (Right hand up.)
The other hand, too. (Left hand up.)
Clap them, (Clap.)
Fold them, (Fold in lap.)
Here’s a story for you!

The Finger Band
The finger band is (Start with your hands behind your back
Coming to town, and wiggle them as you slowly bring
Coming to town, them in front.)
Coming to town.
The finger band is
Coming to town
So early in the morning.

This is the way (Pretend to play drums.)
They play their drums…

This is the way
They twirl their hands… (Twirl hands around your head.)

This is the way (Pretend to play a horn.)
They play their horns…

(Let children suggest other instruments and motions.)

The finger band (Slowly wiggle fingers behind you
Is going away, as you lower your voice to a whisper.)
Going away,
Going away.
The finger band
Is going away
So early in the morning.

All this week I'll be sharing my favorite stories on my blog.  You will be able to download the patterns as well as the directions.  I also made YouTube videos for some of the stories so you can share them with your class.

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