Sunday, January 1, 2017


Hope springs eternal as we begin 2017! Our students will all score 99% on tests, our parents will appreciate us, and our administrators will tell us what a great job we are doing. We will get money back from our taxes, our favorite sports teams will win, the sun will shine, we will lose weight, we will win the lottery!!!! Sounds like a great year, doesn't it? Well, even if all those things don't come true we are lucky to be alive!

My website this month focuses on 21st Century Skills. With increased screen time in the classroom, I’m the one that keeps yelling, “BALANCE! BALANCE! BALANCE!” The Partnership for the 21st Century Skills ( recognized the gap between the knowledge and skills students learn in school and what is needed to succeed in the work place. Their goal is to align classroom environments with real world environments by fusing the traditional 3R’s with the 4 C’s. The 3R’s are the framework for Standards and core subjects, while the 4 C’s suggest the skills needed to be successful in career and life.

     3Rs include: English, reading or language arts; mathematics; science; foreign         languages; civics; government; economics; arts; history; and geography.

    4Cs include: Critical thinking & problem solving; Communication, Collaboration; Creativity & innovation.

It’s interesting that when leading industries are asked what skills they look for in employees they do not focus on technical skills. Their top responses usually include “good oral communication skills,” “knows how to get along and work with others,” and “knows how to find and use resources.” Isn't that what we've always emphasized in early childhood classrooms with open-ended centers, play, and opportunities for children to interact with friends. And, that’s why I embrace the Skills for the 21st Century!

Learn from the past…live in the present…prepare for the future! Check out my website and I promise you’ll find some simple and practical ideas for promoting 21st Century Skills in your classroom in 2017.  You'll find activities for critical thinking, collaboration, adaptability, creativity, global awareness, and financial responsibility.
Note!  Since I haven't used "financial responsibility" very well this month I 

thought I'd try and grow a money tree.  Wonder why it didn't work?

May 2017 be filled with many blessings for you and those you love!