Sunday, January 22, 2017


Here ’s a true story that prompted this blog.

There was a shy little girl who took a dance class. (My granddaughter, actually.)  She stood in the back of the class and half-heartedly followed directions. At the end of the class the teacher pulled her aside and said, “You are special. I want you at the front of the class next week.” She beamed as she reported to her mother, “The teacher said I was SPECIAL!” That’s all it took! She was hooked and totally engaged the next class because of one little word.

I wonder how many of your students have never been told that they are SPECIAL? How are they ever going to be SPECIAL if they don’t believe they are? And the good thing about the word SPECIAL is that it encompasses many attributes. You can be a special reader or artist or athlete or talker or block builder or friend… There’s got to be some special little thing about each child in your classroom.

This week make it a point to pull aside each child individually, hold their hands, look in their eyes and say, “You are special.” You don’t have to say why or explain. YOU ARE SPECIAL! You might want to take your class list and cross through each name as you do this so you make sure you don’t leave anyone out.

Special Me
Here’s a song to sing to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”
Special, special, special me.  (Open and close fingers like stars.)

I'm as special as can be.  (Point to self.)
There is no one quite like me.  (Shake head "no.")
I'm as good as I can be.
Special, special, special me.  (Open and close fingers.)
I'm as special as can be.  (Point to self.)

Writing Activity
Have children complete this sentence. “I am special because….” They can write or dictate why they are special and then illustrate their sentence. Put their pictures together to make a class book called “We Are Special!”

Thank a Teacher
I had a special week singing at some low income schools in Charleston. I admire the teachers more than I can express. School is the BEST thing that happens to some of those children and I am grateful for such loving teachers. As difficult as their jobs may be at times, there's always something to make you laugh when you work with young children. These are some comments the kids made when they watched a video after my visit:

     How she come out that Smartboard?

     I knowed her!

     She my friend!

     That’s Ms. Dr. Jean!

     “Dr. Jean Luther Jr.”
  (My favorite!)

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