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Thursday, March 26, 2020


Some things never lose their magic (fortunately) like the life cycle of caterpillars to butterflies!  Here are spring activities to share with your families.  (And, yes, everything is simple and inexpensive.)


Caterpillar’s Story
A caterpillar crawled to the top of a tree.
I think I’ll take a nap said he.
Under a leaf he began to creep,
He spun a chrysalis and went to sleep.
Spring came along, shook him and said,
“Wake up, wake up, you sleepy head.”
Out of the leaf he spread his wings to fly,
“Look at me! Look at me! I’m a butterfly!” 

Let children act out the life cycle of a butterfly. First, they lay on the floor in a ball. Next, they crawl around like caterpillars. Can they spin around and make a chrysalis? Finally, they can spread their wings and FLY! 

Life Cycle Flip Book
Make a flip book for the children to illustrate the life cycle of the butterfly.


Note!  To make a flip book fold a sheet of paper into eighths.  Open and fold in half horizontally.  Cut down half way on each fold to make your book that flips open.

Caterpillars Finger Play
Let's go to sleep (Wiggle fingers.)
The little caterpillars said.
So they curled up (Cross fingers and
In a chrysalis bed. close hands as if praying.)

They will awaken (Open fingers slowly.)
By and by,
And each one will be (Clasp thumbs and
A lovely butterfly! wiggle fingers like wings.)

Baggie Butterfly
Make a butterfly by tearing up little pieces of colored tissue paper and putting them in a zip lunch bag. Gather up in the middle and twist on a pipe cleaner to make the body and antennae. Attach a string for flying.

Smoosh Painting
Cut butterfly shapes out of newsprint. Fold in half. Children drop paint with a spoon or eye dropper on one half. Fold and rub. Open to view a beautiful butterfly.

Butterfly Bites
Children will enjoy assembling and eating this butterfly. You will need celery cut in 4” pieces, cream cheese, and pretzel twists. First, spread cream cheese in the hollow part of the celery. Insert two pretzels on either side for wings.