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Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Lunch sacks are inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways for crafts and learning activities. Children love to create and make things and this is a perfect way to make play creative and purposeful.


Open a lunch sack and roll down from the top to make a nest.   
*Let younger children roll play dough eggs for the nest.

*Older children can write stories about “How to Build a Nest” or make construction paper birds to go in their nests.

*Tie in with fiction and non-fiction books about birds.

Easter Basket 

Of course, the Easter egg hunts are going to be put on “hold,” but you can still make baskets from a lunch bag. Open and roll down like the nest and then staple on a pipe cleaner handle.
*Make your own “grass” by cutting green paper into strips.

Buildings and Houses  

To make a house, decorate the bottom of the bag with markers and construction paper. Stuff with newspaper and fold down the top. Staple on a roof.
To make a building turn a lunch bag upside down and decorate with construction paper and markers. Take a second bag and stuff with newspaper. Insert the decorated bag over this to make a stand up building.

*Create a village with masking tape for a road, toy cars, action figures, etc.


Insert your hand in the bag and decorate with markers, construction paper, and other art media to make a favorite character from a book or unit of study.

Treasure Map
Cut open a lunch bag to make a rectangle, wet, and wad up. Dry. Let children create their own treasure maps or other vintage writings.


Peek a Boo Books
Take 3 or 4 lunch bags and stack them up and staple as shown. Fold over the bottom flap. Write a riddle or question on the front. Open and draw a picture or write the answer under the flap.

Nature Hunts
Let children use bags for a nature hunt. They can look for leaves, rocks, and other natural items.                                         
Note! Encourage them to return the items to nature after collecting and observing them.

*As an inside scavenger hunt have children look for things that are a particular shape, color, start with a beginning sound, etc.

Cut strips from the top of bags to the flap. Roll up the bottom and wrap a rubber band around to make a handle. Use for singing alphabet songs, repeating patterns, cheering words, etc.  


Make 5 or 6 tears about halfway down from the top of the bag. Open and squeeze the bottom as show. Write alphabet letters on branches to make a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree.

*Decorate your tree with pastel tissue paper in the spring.

*In the fall tear red, orange, and yellow construction paper to make leaves.

*Sponge paint white in the winter to make snow.

Touch and Tell
Hide objects in the bag. Children close eyes, touch, and guess what it is.


Grumble Bag
When someone whines or complains tell them to, “Put it in the bag!”