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Friday, March 20, 2020


Have you seen my PLAY, LEARN, LOVE video yet?  
Let's put away those devices and have a little hands-on fun!!!

What a perfect time of year to distract yourself from worries and become a bird watcher!  There are so many wonderful fiction and non-fiction books about birds, as well as crafts, finger plays, books, and games.  I know some of your parents will enjoy making bird watchers and doing some of these activities.

Bird Watchers 
You will need paper towel rolls, tape, a hole punch, and string to make these "bird watcher" binoculars.  Cut the paper towel roll in half and tape together.  Punch 2 holes at the top and tie on a string that can easily fit on and off the head.  Take a nature walk and see how many birds you can identify.


Two Little Bluebirds
Two little bluebirds sitting on a hill. (Stick up both thumbs.) 
One named Jack (Wiggle right thumb.)
And one named Jill. (Wiggle left thumb.)
Fly away Jack. (Put right thumb behind back.)
Fly away Jill (Put left thumb behind back.)
Come back Jack. (Bring back right thumb.)
Come back Jill. (Bring back left thumb.)

Opposite variations:
One named Happy and one named Sad… (Say happy and then sad.)
One named Loud and one named Soft… (Say loud and then soft.)
One named Fast and one named Slow… (Move one fast and one slow.)
Continue letting children think of names and motions for the birds.

Paper Plate Birds and Nests 
Let children make birds or nests out of paper plates similar to the ones in the picture.


What’s in the Egg? 
First, brainstorm all the different animals that come out of an egg. Now, you’re ready to make a flip book called “What’s in the Egg?” Fold a sheet of paper in half lengthwise, then fourths and eighths. Open and cut the crease to the middle fold. Fold in half to make 4 little flaps. Children draw eggs on the front of each flap. Open the flaps and challenge children to draw 4 different things that might come from an egg. When they hold this book up to the light, they will see their little critters inside the egg.


Lunch Bag Nest
Open a paper lunch sack and roll out and down until you reach the bottom and it looks like a nest. Give children a bird identification book and invite them to choose their favorite bird. Provide construction paper, scissors, and markers and let them make their bird. Make the shape of a tree on a bulletin board. Staple the nests in the tree and then let children put their birds in their nest.

Tissue Bird
You can also make a little bird out of two tissues. Open one tissue and lay on the table. Wad the other tissue up into a ball and place in the middle of the flat tissue. Gather around the ball to make a head and tie with a piece of yarn. (An adult will need to do this.) Let children add eyes and a beak cut out of
construction paper or let them draw with a marker.

P.S.  A teacher shared this website where children can learn to identify birds and their calls.  It's so engaging even for adults like me!