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Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Have you ever heard the saying:  "If you give a child a hammer, she'll find a million things to hammer."  Well the same thing will happen when your students make their own clipboards.  They will be motivated to write, write, write!

Directions: Each child will need a 9” x 12” piece of corrugated cardboard. Attach a butterfly clip, insert paper, and let the writing begin!


Use the clip boards for:

(weather, nature walk, clouds, etc.)

(favorite food, ice cream, animal, sports team, etc.)

Write the room
(2 syllable words, seasonal words, nouns, shapes, letters, etc.)

Read the room
(check off words they find, shapes, letters)

Note taking
(write or draw pictures as they listen to a book or watch a video)

(parents, grandparents, friends)

What I learned
(record what they learn as you do a unit of study)

Children also like to make lists.  So here's a "list" of lists children can write on their clipboards.

List of what they are thankful for.

List of their favorite books, songs.

List of their favorite foods.

List of their favorite subjects at school.

List of their favorite animals/pets.

List of their favorite sports or games.

List of what they can do if they finish their work early.

List of things that make them happy.

List of how to be a buddy/friend.

List of “cheers” and “goals.”