Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Draw a line from your forehead down the middle of your body. That’s called your midline. The brain is made up of two hemispheres and when you cross that midline it helps both hemispheres of the brain work together. Here are some activities you can do at home that will exercise the brain and release wiggles.

Hint! Place a piece of painter's tape down the children's midline so they can visually see how they cross it as you exercise and learn.

Attach strips of tissue paper to a craft stick or straw.  Put on some catchy music and use the streamers to dance and cross the midline.
*Make lazy eights in front of you with the tape.
*Use streamers for “invisible writing” as you practice making shapes, letters, numbers, etc.
*Play follow the leader as you take turns making motions.

Simple Tap
Touch right hand to left knee and left hand to right knee. 
*Say letters of the alphabet, count, read sight words, etc. as you tap.

Bend and Stretch
Lift left knee and touch with right elbow. Lift right knee and touch with left elbow. 

Backwards Touch
Lift left foot behind you and stretch back with right hand and touch. Reverse for the right foot and left hand. 

Catch a Star
Reach with right hand up in the air to your left and pretend to catch a star. Then reach with your left hand up in the air to your right and catch a star. 

Pat on the Back 
Alternate patting the back of your left shoulder with your right hand and your right shoulder with your left hand. 

Karate Chops 
Spread your feet apart and bend your knees. Alternate hands making karate chops as you skip count by ones, fives, tens, etc.

*Spell the letters in words and then fold hands and bow as you say the word.