Saturday, April 11, 2020


I know your kids haven't even hunted for these eggs yet, but there are tons of learning activities that you can do with them at home next week.  

P.S.  Here's a video I did a few years ago where I demonstrate how to recycle the plastic eggs..


Reading Games
Write an upper case letter on one half with a permanent marker and the lower case letter on the other half.

Give children small pictures of objects to put into appropriate eggs.

Put antonyms on eggs for children to match.
Write synonyms on eggs.

Write two letter words on eggs. Children make words and then read them. Can they use the word in a sentence?


Write onsets (consonants or blends) on one half and rimes (word endings) on the other half. Children twist around and read words. You could also ask children to write the words.

Make puzzles of sight words and put them in the eggs. Children put the letters together, read the word, and then write the word.


Make puzzles of simple sentences and challenge children to put the words together and read the sentence.

Write numerals or number words on the eggs. Children fill with the appropriate amount of beans or paper clips.

Children match up dots or number words with numerals.

Place a certain number of small objects in the eggs (2-10). Children dump out the objects and then write all the combinations they can make.

Give children a variety of objects. Ask them to predict if each object will fit in an egg or if is too big. Sort the objects after testing if they will fit.

Reinforce place value by writing numerals 1-9 on the eggs. Children put the eggs together and then say the numeral.


Let children draw pictures of all the animals that come from eggs.

Place objects in the eggs, such as popcorn kernels, cotton balls, bells, etc. Children shake the eggs and predict what is inside.
*Make two eggs with like objects for children to match the sounds.

Musical Instrument
Put dried beans in the eggs and tape to a plastic spoon to make maracas.

Yummy Snack
Put small crackers, raisins, cereal, grapes, or other healthy snacks in the eggs.


Sand and Water
Place eggs in a water table or sand box for pouring and measuring.