Thursday, April 9, 2020


Friends, I hope you can join me today 
at 10 for Facebook Live.
 I'm doing "Little Lessons for Online Learning."
(Simple things that you or families can do with their children.)

Carolyn Kisloski and I have created several packets with monthly "Happies," centers ideas, science units, etc.  Carolyn is not only my friend, she's a gifted teacher and writer!  Find information here.


You are going to be THRILLED with these FREE HOME TEACHING CALENDARS that she is making.  They are going to save you a TON of time and they are going to be so MEANINGFUL to your children and families.  Every day there is a reading, writing, phonics, math, science activity with links to the songs and projects.  There's even "specials" every day for art, PE, etc.  If I were a teacher or a parent I would be so grateful to have something like this.


I'll let her tell you a little more about them...

Oh my goodness OF COURSE you can share the grids!  I can send you my new one each week to share, too! 
Here is how I use the grids:

I wanted to have all of the subject areas and everything parents would need for one week in one spot for easy access.  I made a grid with a lesson for each subject for each day.  I included a link to a song or story if needed.  I post the grid on Sunday night and then again on Wednesday, so parents can complete the activities with their child on their schedule, since every family is doing their best and has very different schedules.  If they print the grid, the child can color in a square when an activity is completed so they can see how much they get done in the week!  Each week I will put in new activities, links, and extra pages.  Another nice thing about this is that all children need to complete these activities is paper or a journal to write in.

LETTER TALES (Tune: "Gilligan's Island")

This is one of my favorite alphabet books that Barb Smith created several years ago. It's good for letter recognition, phonics, and visual closure (recognizing the whole from the part).

Here’s a YouTube video of this song:

P.S.  I is inchworm and N is nanny goat.