Monday, August 17, 2020


How about some tips for helping children learn to cut with scissors.

Cutting Tub
You can use a shoe box or a plastic container to make a cutting tub. Insert safety scissors, junk mail, old greeting cards, wrapping paper, etc. in the tub. When you are busy cooking dinner get out the tub to entertain your child.

Hint! Before having them cut, let them tear paper.

Tummy Cutting
Have children lay on the floor and prop themselves on their elbows. If they cut in this position, their elbow will stabilize their arm and give them greater scissor control.

*Wad up two sheets of paper and put one under each arm. As children keep their arms by their sides they will be able to cut better.

Demonstrate and Model

It’s important to take your time, model, and give explicit directions on basic tasks. Remind children to put your thumbs on top, just like "Tooty Ta," when you cut.
Hold the paper in one hand and take little bites with your scissors with the other hand.

Here's a video to share with parents so they can help their children with scissor skills: