Sunday, August 2, 2020


Did you know that you could DANCE IN YOUR CHAIR?  This is a perfect way to release wiggles and have some fun in class or online.  Introduce one movement at a time and do it several days in a row.  Repetition is important for songs and movement activities because it will make children feel confident and encourage them to participate.

Disco Dance – Put right index finger in the air and point to the left. Bring right index finger down by your side. 

Swim - Pretend to swim by stroking arms. Can you backstroke? Sidestroke?

Funky Monkey - Fists out in front and move them up and down.

Hitchhike - Right thumb up and move across your body and then left thumb and move across the body.

Chicken - Hands in armpits and flap like wings.
Batman – Make “v” with index and middle fingers and swoop them across your eyes.

Salsa - Left arm bent with index finger up and then right arm bent with finger in air.

Bollywood – Right palm up in the air like you’re screwing in a light bulb and then left palm down like you’re turning on a water spicket. 


*Children can do these sitting or standing.


Chair Can Can

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