Monday, August 31, 2020


No matter what your teaching situation is this fall, you'll need some tricks to focus children's attention.  Here are tried and true "tips" teachers have shared over the years.

QUIET Man (Candace Reed)
Make "quiet man" with your fingers by sticking up pinky and pointer and touching thumb, ring man, and tall man. When the teacher holds up "quiet man" the children respond by making "quiet man" and focusing on the teacher.

Magic Triangle (Cathy Crady)
Remind children that they all have a magic triangle in their pocket. (
Place pointers and thumbs next to each other to form a triangle.) When the children need to calm down ask them to take out their magic triangle and hold it in front of their mouth. Tell them to take a deep breath in through their nose, and then slowly blow through the triangle.

Body Check

Remind children to listen with their eyes, ears, and bodies.
*Teacher: Are your eyes looking at me?
Children: Check!
Teacher: Are your ears ready to listen?
Children: Check!
Teacher: Are your bodies sitting quietly?
Children: Check!
Teacher: Are you ready to learn?
Children: Check!

I am looking.
What do I see?
I see (child's name) sitting (listening, etc.)

Hint! Lower your voice each time you say this using a different child's name until they are all quiet.

Breath through Your Nose 
Tell children to slowly breath in and out their noses. It’s surprising how this will calm them – and they won’t be able to talk!

Run off a copy of a giant ear and tape it to a stick. When you hold up the ear children know they need to listen with big ears!

Close Your Eyes
Have children close their eyes as you give directions. Who can open their eyes and repeat what you said?

Criss Cross
Criss cross, (Fold arms across chest.)
Be your own boss. (Nod head.)