Sunday, September 13, 2020


Years ago I created some “gift cards” with games, toys, recipes, and simple, fun activities to do with children. Carolyn Kisloski added her magic touch with graphics and design!  You can download these free or share the link with your families.   

I think it might work well to send 4 or 5 home each week instead of all at once.  Many parents want to do things with their children, but they don't have the tools and resources that you do as an educator.  


The categories include:

Let’s Make Something!
Craft projects and homemade toys
Let’s Cook Something!
Recipes for kids in the kitchen
Let’s Play a Game!
Indoor and outdoor fun
Let’s Experiment!
Simple science projects
Let’s Read and Talk!
Books to make

Click here to download the cards:

Special thanks to Carolyn Kisloski (Holding Hands and Sticking Together –!