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Thursday, September 3, 2020


Yesterday I suggested ways to use the highway letters, and today I've got hands-on fun with the highway shapes and numerals.  What a great tool to make for virtual or in class learning. 


Writing Numerals – Children can trace over numerals with toy cars or they can roll play dough and place it on top of the numerals. They can also trace over numerals with a dry erase marker and erase. 
Hint!  Put a green dot where they should begin and a red dot where they should end.

Counting – Have children get in numerical order according to the number they are wearing. 

Songs – Wear number vests as you sing “Five Little Monkeys,” “I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a One,” and other songs. 

Inequalities - Put up two numbers and have children choose “<” or “>” to go between them.  

Addition and Subtraction – Have children make number sentences using the numbers and signs on the vests. 

Fact Families – Move numbers around to demonstrate different fact families. 

Tens and Ones – Let children demonstrate tens and ones with vests. 

Word Problems – Use number vests to engage children in solving word problems. 

Dot to Dot - Pass out numbers and have children scatter around the room. Give one child a large pointer. That child takes the pointer and goes from “0” through “10” by “connecting the dots.” 

Highway Shapes – Do similar activities by putting highway shapes in clear sheet protectors. 

Here's a video where you can watch me demonstrate these activities: