Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Here are some great songs for your morning routine.

Days of the Week (Tune: “The Addams Family” – Sing in sign language.)
Days of the week. Days of the week. (Snap fingers.)
Days of the week. Days of the week.
Days of the week.
There’s Sunday (Open palm and circle out.)
And there’s Monday, (Make an “m” and circle.)
There’s Tuesday (Make a “t” and circle.)
And there’s Wednesday, (Make a “w” and circle.)
There’s Thursday (Make an “h” and circle.)
And there’s Friday, (Make an “f” and circle.)
And then there’s Saturday. (Make an “s” and circle.


*Point to the days on a calendar as you sing.

Macarena Months (Dance the Macarena as you sing.)
January, (Left arm out with palm down.)
February, (Right arm out with palm down.)
March, (Turn left palm up.)
April, (Turn right palm up.)
May, (Right hand on left shoulder.)
June, (Left hand on right shoulder.)
July, (Right hand on back of head.)
August, (Left hand on back of head.)
September, (Right hand on left front hip.)
October, (Left hand on right front hip.)
November, (Right hand on back right hip.)
December, (Left hand on back left hip.)
Then you turn around. (Turn around.)


Here's another chant to help children learn the days of the week.

Days of the Week
(Stand up to begin this rhyme.)
Sunday, Sunday,
Clap, clap, clap. (Clap hands.)
Monday, Monday,
Tap, tap, tap. (Tap foot.)
Tuesday, Tuesday,
Hop, hop, hop. (Hop on one foot.)
Wednesday, Wednesday,
Stop, stop, stop. (Hold up hand.)
Thursday, Thursday,
Jump, jump, jump. (Jump on two feet.)
Friday, Friday,
Thump, thump, thump. (Pound fists together.)
Saturday, Saturday,
Turn around. (Turn around.)
Now smile quietly
Without a sound! (Sit down and smile.)

Roller Coaster Days
Start your hands low and move them up slowly as you say the days of the week. When you get to the current day raise your voice high and then lower your voice and hands as you say the final days in the week.

For example, Wednesday would go like this: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, WEDNESDAY, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.