Sunday, June 6, 2021


Much to my surprise and delight, my first recording was enjoyed by children and teachers. I still had many songs in my heart so I decided to make just one more! You'll meet some of my "friends" like Patalina, Mother Goony Bird, and Miss Sue from Alabama on this recording. Oh, yeah, and the all time favorite "Tooty Ta" was introduced on this CD.  

Many ask where I "got" my songs.  Most of them are old camp songs that I sang as a child years ago.  It proves that kids are kids and silly songs are fun forever!

Titles on this recording include:

1. Today Is Sunday
2. Monkeys and the Alligator
3. Tarzan
4. Elephant Song
5. Mother Goony Bird
6. My Mother Is a Baker
7. Dr. Knicker Bocker
8. Nursery Rhyme Rap
9. Miss Sue
10. My Hands on My Head
11. Tooty Ta
12. Days of the Week
13. Macarena Months
14. Weather Song
15. I Had a Bird
16. Patalina Matalina
17. Special Me