Wednesday, June 2, 2021


SILLY SONGS was the first recording I made over 20 years ago.  (I guess that's why I look so young in the picture!)  When people introduce me as a musician I say, "Oh, no, I'm not a musician.  I'm just a teacher who likes to sing."  I can't play an instrument, but I was blessed to hook up with a talented arranger named Mark Dye.  He deserves all the credit for the simple, yet engaging, musical arrangements on all my CDs.  

Back in the 90's songs were a major part of workshops I did for teachers.  They would often ask, "Do you have a tape with your songs?"  (Yes, now you know how OLD I was because CDs were just becoming popular.)  I finally decided, "O.K.  I'll just make one tape with some of my favorite silly songs."  (That was back in the day when happy and engaged children were more important than academics.)

It was a big investment for our family, and when the recording arrived I was so proud to play it for my father (also my biggest fan).  As he listened a huge smile was on his face and he said, "Jean, is that you?"  "Yes," I replied.  "What are you going to do with it?" he asked.  I said, "I'm going to sell them at my workshops."  His response was, "Oh, honey, nobody's going to pay money for that (dirty word he liked to say) thing."

Well, guess what they did!  And now thanks to technology it's yours to download for your music library or to stream directly to your device.

Titles on this recording include:

1. I Like You, There’s No Doubt About It
2. The Alligator Count
3. The Cool Bear Hunt
4. Katalina Matalina
5. Over in the Meadow
6. Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee
7. I Wish I Had a Little Red Box
8. The Butterfly
9. Tiny Tim the Turtle
10. Twink a Link
11. Baby Fish
12. The Three Boppin Bears Rap
13. Hello, How Are You
14. La De Da De Da
15. Silly Willy
16. Pepperoni Pizza
17. The Beaver Call
18. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
19. Five Fish Swimming in the Sea
20. I Wish I Were
21. Bubblegum
22. The African Village Song
23. It Is Time to Say Good-Bye