Tuesday, June 1, 2021




It’s interesting that several years ago when I was invited to do a workshop for a school district an administrator said, “I don’t want any of that singing and dancing and holding hands.” That’s exactly what children need now!! They need to laugh, and have fun with their friends, and sing, and dance!!

I've heard teachers say, "I CAN’T SING! " Well, I can’t sing either, but that’s what’s great about kids. They don’t care about your voice or tune as long as you are enthusiastic! There are many activities you might not be able to do this coming school year, but one thing that we can all do is SING and DANCE. In person, on the screen or even with a mask - here are some reasons why you should sing.

HOW can MUSIC support active learning in the classroom 
and give your children a smile!

1.  When you sing your brain emits endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! Emotions are critical to learning, and music can brighten the school day.

2.  Music is multi-sensory. When children move, dance, and wiggle, more senses are activated and the message is more likely to get to the brain.

3. Music and movement activities are great for cardio, eye-hand coordination, flexibility, strength, and body spatial awareness.

4. Through music children can develop social skills as they learn to cooperate with classmates and listen and follow directions.

5. Music nurtures reading skills such as phonemic awareness (alliteration, rhyme, etc.), oral language, and auditory memory.

6. Children are able to use their imaginations and create pictures in their brains when they sing. They can learn to express themselves in positive ways as they move and dance.

7. Repetition is a key to learning. It is much more fun to repeat songs than worksheets!

8. Singing and dancing can relieve stress and oxygenate the brain. Songs are a perfect “brain break” to help children release wiggles.

9. Songs are powerful way for children and teachers to enjoy something together! Music can bind hearts and create positive memories.

10. Through music and movement ALL children can feel successful.

Someone once asked me what I did to adapt my songs for children with special needs. I smiled and said, "I don't." Music is a universal language, and I just put it out there. I've had children in wheelchairs, children with no arms, children who are visually impaired, children with emotional issues...sing and dance with me because they are children first. The music touches their hearts and makes them one with everyone else. And here's a sweet comment from a teacher I'll never forget. She said, "I have a little boy who has limited speech and movement, but I know he's singing and dancing with us in his head."
During the upcoming weeks I will provide links to all of the songs on my CDs.  I'll also suggest follow-up activities and materials.  You can put these in your "back to school" bag and be ready for a great year!!!