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Thursday, November 18, 2021


I'm on a rocking and "writing" roll this week.  Here are some ideas to inspire children to WANT to read and SHARE their adventures with books.  

Note!  When you look at these activities I'm sure you'll be able to create ways to use them with children from pre-k through elementary school 

Book Mark - Put out the scrap box, scissors, and markers and let them have fun.

Play Dough - Give children a handful of play dough and ask them to mold something from the story.

Pantomime - Children get to pantomime a character or event from their book.

Dress Up - Children dress up like their favorite character and tell about their book from that character’s point of view.

Illustrate - Let children draw or paint pictures about their books.

Puppet - Puppets can be made from lunch sacks, paper plates, sticks, or socks.


Cereal Box - Children bring in cereal boxes from home and cover with paper. Challenge them to design a new cover for their book on the box.

Song, Rap, or Poem - Let children make up an original song, rap, or poem about their book.

Quilt - Give each child an 8” square and ask them to illustrate their story. Punch holes in the corners and tie together with yarn.

Mobile or Windsock - Use paper to create mobiles, windsocks, or pennants about books they have read.

T-shirt - Bring in old white T-Shirts and decorate with fabric markers.

Email - Write an email or letter to a character. 
*Do an internet search and write a letter to the author.

Advertisement - Each child stands and has a minute to “sell” their classmates on a book. Older children could write their advertisements.

Sequel - Invite children to write a sequel to their story.

Ending - How would you change the ending of your story?

Cartoon - Make cartoons of events in a story.

Graph - Make a class graph of favorite books or authors.

Sandwich Board - Cut a file folder in half. Write the title, author, and illustrator on one side. Illustrate on the other half. Punch holes and tie on string so children can wear them and have a parade.