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Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Children love hats, bracelets, necklaces, and puppets, so take advantage of that to teach letters.

Note! You can also use these crafts to help children learn shapes, numerals, sight words, and other information.

Letter Hat

Provide children with a sentence strip. Offer crayons, markers, etc. to decorate their hats with a letter you are working on. Encourage them to write the letter and draw objects that begin with that sound. Adjust to children’s heads with a paper clip or tape.

Letter Bracelet
Seal envelopes and then cut off the short ends. Cut the remainder into 1 ½” strips as shown. Let children decorate the strips by writing a letter you want to focus on and drawing objects that start with the sound.



Letter Necklace
Give children stencils of letters to trace around on construction paper. Cut out and punch holes in the letters. String on a piece of yarn that can be worn around the neck.

*Just for fun add a little bling bling!


*Hint! Children could do letters you are working on or the letters in their name.

Letter Badges
Purchase plastic name badge holders at an office supply store. (Or you can save these from conferences.) Choose one letter each day and write it on paper cut to fit in the name badge. Wear the badge and at random times break out in this song to the tune of “BINGO.”

There is a letter you should know,
What can the letter be oh?
/F/ /F/ It’s an F.
/F/ /F/ It’s an F.
/F/ /F/ It’s an F.
The letter F you know!

Make letter badges for all the letters in the alphabet and let children choose a different one each day to wear. Let the children walk around the room and shake hands with their friends as they practice identifying each other’s letters. For example: “Hello Q!” “Hello S!”

*Call the children by the letter they are wearing instead of their name.
For example: “D, come sit by me.”

Letter Supervisor
You will need a plastic visor, index cards, and tape for this activity. Choose a different letter each day and write it on the index card. Tape the index card to the visor. Choose one child each day to wear the visor and be the “letter supervisor.” Every time you leave the classroom the letter supervisor stands at the door with her arm extended. Classmates must name the letter or say a word that starts with that sound before she raises her arm and lets them exit the room.