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Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Here are other ways to encourage children to do informational writing.

Suggestion Box
Keep a shoebox and blank paper on a shelf for children to write their complaints and suggestions.

*Use for complaints and “tattle tales.”

What can you find out?
Collect non-fiction books about a topic that you will be studying in your class. Place the books on a table along with clipboards, paper, and pencils. Let two children work together and take notes to look in the books and see what they can find out (learn) about the topic.

Science Journal
Have each child make a science journal to record observations, notes, and what they are doing and learning in science.

Picture Talks
Cut pictures out of magazines and ask the children to label. 

                             *Cut people out of catalogs and label body parts.

Letters - Write letters to politicians, movie stars, rock stars, or other famous people.

*Write letters to our troops.

Want Ad - Look in the newspaper at want ads. What would they like to advertise? Write a description.

Write a newscast for your classroom or school.

Take surveys on the bus, in their home, or in their neighborhood. They might ask who’s going to win the football game, favorite pizza topping, favorite book, favorite game, etc.

Class Newspaper
Make a class newspaper by assigning small groups of children to different topics. Run off and send home.

Pen Pals
Children can be pen pals with another class in your district, or you can go online and you’ll find several sites. They can even be pen pals with their teacher over the summer.