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Saturday, November 20, 2021


Food definitely is multi-sensory and can capture children's interest. Even though you might be at a school that does not allow the use of food at this time, these ideas would be great to share with your families.

Cereal Math
Fill sandwich bags with with ½ cup of mixed cereal, such as Fruit Loops. Children can practice the following.

· Estimation- How many pieces are in your bag?

· Counting- Count and see how many you have. Did you estimate more or less? Is it an odd or even number?

· Sorting- Sort the cereal by color, shape, or size.

· Patterning- Can you make a pattern with your cereal?

* Addition and Subtraction - Demonstrate addition with the cereal or subtraction by eating it!

Graham Crackers
Give each child a large graham cracker. What shape is it? Break it in half. What shape is it now? Break the squares in half. What shape do you have now?

*Let children nibble saltines to make circles and triangles.

Pretzel Shapes
Give children pretzel sticks and pretzel twists and challenge them to make geometric shapes. How many pretzel sticks will you need to make a hexagon? How many pretzel sticks will you need to make a triangle?


*Challenge them to make letters with the pretzels. This is fun to do with a partner as they take turns making letters and identifying them.

*Use pretzels to tally.


Three Dimensional Shapes
What could you eat that's a sphere? Cone? Cube? Pyramid?