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Thursday, November 4, 2021


Veteran’s Day will be celebrated on November 11th, a week from today. But we shouldn't we thank our veterans every day? One teacher told me that she taught her children how to recognize veterans by their hat or clothing. Whenever they see a veteran they go up to them and say, "Thank you for your service!" You can't teach your students anything more important than that!!!

And that teacher taught me something, too, because that's what I try to do when I see a veteran.  They seem a little surprised when I say, "Thank you for your service," and then they break out in a smile.  

Veteran’s Day
(Tune: “Danny Boy” - HAPPY EVERYTHING CD)
Today’s the day we celebrate our veterans,
The men and women who fought for our great land.
We’ll raise our flags and hold a moment of silence
And we will carry poppies in our hands.
Because we want to thank you for your service;
You traveled far to keep us safe at home.
You fought with pride and honor for our country.
Our veterans, oh how we love you so.

What is a veteran? For homework, have children interview their parents to find out about veterans in their family.

Here is a bulletin board from Carolyn Kisloski's school. The children fill out stars for each veteran in their family and then make a "Wall of Thanks" to honor them.

Take three 7” circles cut out of red tissue paper and fold them like a fan. Twist a green pipe cleaner around the middle. Open layers to resemble a poppy. Do a search on the internet to discover why the poppy is symbol for Veteran’s Day.


Guest Speaker
Call a local military recruiting office and invite a guest speaker to share with the children what it’s like to have a job in the armed forces.

Letters to the Armed Forces
Here's a website where you can get information about writing letters to current military members and veterans. What a great way to show appreciation for our servicemen and women!