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Friday, April 22, 2022


A great way to celebrate Earth Week and to be on the "green team" is to keep the earth beautiful by picking up trash. There's nothing more frustrating to me than to see trash along the road, but maybe we can improve things in the future by getting our students to join the LITTER PATROL!

Litter Patrol
Here I go. (Stand up as you begin clapping and snapping.)
I'm on the litter patrol.
I'm going to work all day to put the trash away.
The planet earth, you see, is my habitat.
I'm going to clean it up.
Well how about that?

Join me now.
Here we go.
We're on the litter patrol.
We're going to work all day to put the trash away.
The planet earth, you see, is our habitat.
We're going to clean it up.
Well, how about that?

All by yourself.
Here we go.
We're on the...

Litter Bags
All you'll need is an empty cereal box or cardboard food box and string to make a litter bag.
1. Cut the tops off the boxes.
2. Punch a hole in each short side.
3. Tie on a piece of string. Use these to collect trash or place these in your car.

*You can also make a litter bag by rolling down the top of a lunch bag and attaching a string for a handle.

Pick Up Your Trash Game
Children will love playing “Pick Up Your Trash!” Each child will need a scrap piece of paper that they can wad up into a ball. Divide the class into two teams and have them stand on opposite sides of the room. When the teacher calls, “Pick up your trash,” the teams start throwing their paper balls at each other. The object is to pick up trash (paper balls) and throw it back at the opposite side as quickly as possible. When the teacher says, “Freeze!” everyone must stop and gather the balls on their side into a pile. Count and see how many each side has. The side with the least amount wins. The great part about this game is that you can keep on playing as long as you want.
*You can also play it out on the playground.

Trash Snack
How about a “trash snack”? You will need ice cream cones, Gold Fish crackers, Cheerios, pretzel sticks, and peanuts. Take 4 lunch sacks and put a different item in each sack. Write “old tires” on the sack with Cheerios, write "dead fish" on the sack with the crackers, “sticks” on the sack with pretzel sticks, and “stones” on the sack with peanuts. Take a large bowl and make up a story about collecting trash. As you name the different items, invite different children to dump the contents in the bowl. Stir with a large spoon and then serve the “trash” in trashcans (ice cream cones). The cool thing about this snack is that there is NO trash when the children have finished eating!


Hint! Substitute raisins for peanuts if you have students with food allergies. You can also use sunflower seeds or other snack foods.