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Wednesday, April 13, 2022


You know, sometimes it's fun to expose children to something that is NOT in the curriculum - just because!  Children are fascinated with their bodies and this is a fun way to teach them the names of the bones in their body.



Tarsal, tibia, Fibula, patella.

Femur, pelvis, ribs, Sternum.

Carpal, ulna, Radius, humerus.

Hey, kiss my cranium!

Custom link to Macarena Bones:

Alex May, my webmaster extraordinaire, even made these cards for you.

Large cards -

Small cards -

Note!  These links will be in the description for the video on YouTube, and the cards can be downloaded directly from YouTube.

Want to learn about your muscles.  Well, check out this song:

Head, Muscles, Baby 1-2-3  (Tune:  "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes")
Head, (Touch head.)
Deltoids, (Touch top of shoulders.)
Baby (Clap hands.)
1 (Tap right hand with partner.)
2 (Clap hands.)
3 (Tap left hand with partner’s left.)
Head, deltoids, baby, 1 – 2 – 3.
Head, deltoids, head, deltoids, head, deltoids, baby, 1 – 2 – 3.

Deltoids – pecs (Touch shoulders and chest.)

Pecs – abs (Touch chest and stomach.)

Abs – biceps (Touch stomach and tops of arms.)

Biceps – triceps (Touch tops of arms and then backs of arms.)

Triceps – quads (Touch backs of arms and thighs.)

Quads – glutes (Touch thighs and bottom.)

Baby, please sit down. (Sit down.)

Activities: What are muscles used for? What would happen if you didn’t have muscles? What muscles do you use to walk? Carry your book bag?

Brainstorm what you can do to build strong muscles.

Use other body parts or bones in this song.

Explain that “pecs” is short for pectoral muscles and “abs” is short for abdominal muscles. What are “quads” and “glutes” short for?

Trace children’s bodies on butcher paper and let them add bones, muscles, organs, etc.