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Sunday, April 24, 2022


This is a super idea for a center, independent practice, or partner project. It can easily be adapted to different skill levels and age groups. Today's blog will focus on sight words, but think how meaningful it could be for letters, numbers, shapes, vocabulary words, and other skills that the children are expected to master.

Note!  This would also be a perfect tool to send home for parents to help their children.

Word Bag
Put flash cards with vocabulary words, sight words, spelling words, etc. in a zip bag. Add different multi-sensory materials similar to those below. Children can take the bag and choose any material they like to reproduce the words.

*Wikki sticks
*magnetic letters
*colored pencils for rainbow words
*alphabet stickers
*alphabet blocks
*dry erase board
*play dough

Mini Portfolio (Sherry Hull and Karen Guynes)
Cut the bottom of a lunch bag as shown. Fold the bag in half to fit under the flap. Add a Velcro dot and children can store words, math flash cards, and other things they are working on in the pocket.

Mystery Word
Choose a word each day as a “mystery word." Write it on the board and then tape a sheet of paper over it so the children have to “take a peek” as they enter the classroom. At morning meeting discuss the meaning of the word. Can they dramatize the word? Can they use it in sentences?

Hint!  Play a game where you give clues about sight words. For example: “I start with “L” and rhyme with “book.”