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Monday, June 20, 2022


Purposeful practice for automaticity (aka repetition) is important for skill mastery. These are some simple tools that will provide children with multiple experiences in learning letters, numbers, words, and math facts. They are also a vivid example of “intentional teaching” and “active learning.”



What? foam visor, index cards, markers

How? Each day choose a key skill you want the children to master. This could be a letter, shape, animal, vocabulary word, math fact, etc. Adapt to your curriculum and the level of your students. Write the skill on the index card and tape it to the visor. One child is selected to be the “supervisor” for the day. That child stands at the door whenever you leave the classroom with their arm stretched out. Classmates must say the information on the visor before exiting.

High Five

What? construction paper, markers, tape

How? Cut two hands out of construction paper and write key skills on them. Tape to the classroom door. Each time children enter or exit the classroom they “high five” the hands and say the information.