Saturday, November 12, 2011


Every year I receive requests for the “Thanksgiving Story Bracelet.”  You will need to purchase the beads and pipe cleaners and demonstrate how to make the bracelet before asking the children to do it.  Practice reading the poem several times as children touch each color.  Encourage the children to tell the story of the first Thanksgiving independently using the beads as a clue.  Send home a copy of the poem so the children can share it with their families.

With this bracelet you will know    (Start with a pipe cleaner.)
The first Thanksgiving that was long, long ago.
The Pilgrims set sail from far away
On the Mayflower with tall white sails.   (Insert a white bead.)
They sailed many days across the ocean blue.  (Add a blue bead.)
The seas were rough, but the ship came through.
At last they spotted land so green.  (String on a green bead.)
They were so happy they cheered and screamed.
The first year was so hard and black.  (Now a black bead.)
Many died and wished that they could go back.
But the Native Americans gave them a hand
And helped them survive in the strange new land.
They decided to celebrate in a special way
And that became the first Thanksgiving day.
They prepared a feast with turkeys brown  (Add a brown bead.)
And red cranberries that they had found.   (Time for a red bead.)
Yellow corn that they had learned to grow  (Insert a yellow bead.)
And orange pumpkin pies, don’t you know!   (Last an orange bead.)
But before they ate the turkey and dressing,
They all held hands for a thankful blessing.  (Twist the ends of the
                                                pipe cleaner to make a bracelet.)


  1. How wonderful! This is a great idea to do with my older pre-k kids! :) Thank you!

  2. Thank you Dr. Jean! Fran over at Kindergarten Crayons mentioned this great bracelet story. I hope to go and find the beads...
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Do you know the Gingerbread Man story using beads? Fran from Kindergarten Crayons had also mentioned that. I made this story bracelet with my class and sent the story home for the parents to read with their child. My son is in my class and it was neat to see him wear the bracelet to Thanksgiving and tell his extended family about Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just discovered this after years of teaching! Thanks so much! I want my class to understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving and not spend as much time on the fluff (although, time permitting, we will do some "fluffing"!