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Friday, November 11, 2011


Sign Language Center
You can make this simple SIGN LANGUAGE CENTER with a pocket folder.  Glue a copy of manual signs for letters on the inside of the folder.  (Download this at  Write alphabet letters on index cards and place them in the pocket.  Children choose a card and then try to reproduce that sign.  For older children, write high frequency words or spelling words on index cards for them to practice spelling manually.

Signing Songs
Learn to sign simple songs using manual signs.  "Old MacDonald" or "I Know an Old Lady" would be a good place to start because you could just sign the animals for each verse.  Alphabet songs, "The Color Farm," "Days of the Week," and other concept songs could be enriched with sign language.

Classroom Management
Tired of talking and having your students ignore you?  Try teaching them the signs below and you'll be surprised how the noise level in your classroom decreases.  (Go to to watch video clips.)

Pay Attention            palms pointing towards face

Stand Up                  2 fingers standing on palm and then point up

Sit Down                   2 fingers sitting and then point down

Walk                         walk fingers

Wait                         hands to side and wiggle fingers
Stop                         chop hand on palm
Restroom                  make “t” and wiggle 
Water                      make “w” with fingers and place near your mouth

Use sign language as a quick review.  You can ask questions and all the children can quietly respond with:

Yes                          wiggle fist up and down

No                           index and middle finger down to thumb
Understand              wiggle index finger near brain
Don’t Understand     shake head “no” as you wiggle index finger

Reinforce manners with these signs:
Please                        palm open on chest and circle around
Thank you                  fingers on chin and then down to palm

Sorry                        make fist and rub on chest in circular motion

And here's one of the best signs of all!