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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yesterday I shared ideas from Tennessee, and today I have a few great ideas from Lexington, Kentucky.  Lexington has got to be one of the most beautiful cities in the United States with its white fences, pastures, horses, and stables. 

Eyes on Me  (Neysa Puckett, South Irvine, KY)
Teacher says:  1,2,3, all eyes on me.  (Make goggles and point to self.)
Children respond:  1, 2, eyes on you.  (Children make goggles around their eyes and look at the teacher.)

Scented Markers  (Donna Laemmle)
Donna said they always read “The Kissing Hand” the first day of school and then drew a heart with a scented marker on the children’s hands.
*Scented markers would also be fun for drawing smilies, stars, letters, words, etc. on children’s hands - with parents’ permission, of course.

Cell Phone Reading (Amy Madon, Lexington, KY)
Let children use old cell phones to “read to a friend.”  They can read the words, read the pictures, tell about a sight word they know, etc.  Great for oral language development. (Kari Seasor)
Kari said this site has songs, videos, worksheets, etc. that her kids love.

Sketch to Stretch  (Jenny Ianiero, PA)
Jenny sent me this picture of a worksheet she adapted for her first graders.  What a meaningful way to build comprehension and Common Core State Standards. 
Yeah!  I know it's going in the wrong direction, but when I tried to flip it some of the picture disappeared.  You'll just have to turn your head to the side to read it!