Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Place a set of magnetic letters inside a cookie tin.   On the inside cover make three lines with a permanent marker.  Have the children take out the letters and place them around the lid in alphabetical order.  Call out a sound and have the children select that letter and place it on the first line in the lid.  Call out a second sound.  Call out a third sound.  Blend the sounds and read the word.

Hint!  Adapt the number of letters to the ability of the students.
It would be great if each child had her own letter tin for large group
practice, take home activities, etc.  These would also work well for small
group instruction or individual tutoring.

*Use for other phonics lessons.  “What other words can you make by changing the first sound?”  “Can you make a word by changing the end sound?”

*Younger children could use letter tins for identifying letters or making their names.

*Older students could use these for spelling words and other word games.

*Thanks to Alice Becket of Bellmawr, NY, for sharing this idea!