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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This month at you’ll find some of my favorite “kid-tested” recipes.  They’re simple, fun, easy, and healthy.  (Well, most of them are fairly nutritional!  All things in moderation is my motto!) 

Cooking is an ideal way to learn because it involves all five senses.  Math, language, science, nutrition, social, small motor, and emotional skills are all enhanced with cooking experiences.  Cooking as a profession has certainly been elevated in recent years with all the master chefs and cooking shows.

I know many of you struggle to find the time (and resources) to cook in your classrooms.  One suggestion might be to invite one or two parents to be “chef of the month” and come in and cook with your class.  If you can relate the food experience with learning goals (science, math, reading, etc.) your administration will be much more supportive.  It would also be good to send home copies of recipes so families can repeat the experience with their children.

Here’s an example of a recipe that is simple, economical, nutritional, and offers a wide range of learning experiences.


You will need:
         multi-grain bread
         food coloring

1.     Wash your hands.
2.    Take 4 cups and put a little milk in each.
3.    Add 2 drops of food coloring to each cup.
4.    Use the colored milk like paint and draw a letter on the bread with a Q-tip.
5.    Toast.
6.    Spread with butter.
Hint!  Serve with honey, jelly, or cinnamon sugar.

Adaptations:  Make shape bread, numeral bread, monster bread, etc.