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Friday, November 18, 2011


Did you know that I was born in Tennessee?  Maybe that’s why I have a special bond with the teachers there!  The Kindergarten Conference in Nashville this week was TERRIFIC!  I’m thankful some of the teachers wrote down these ideas I can share with you!
Bubble Words (Alysia Pitts, Woodbury, TN)
Use a bubble font to make sight words and  place in a clear sheet protector.  The children roll out play dough to make the words.  (If you don’t have a bubble font you can just create your own words like I did below.)
Hannah Montan Cheer  (Janelle Bush, Tracy City, TN)
(Tune:  “Best of Both Worlds”)
Hold hand like a microphone and sing…”You did a good job!”

Justin Bieber Cheers  (Janelle Bush)
(Tune:  “Baby””)
Rock hands like a cradle and sing a child’s name such as, “Kellie, Kellie, Kellie, oooh!”
“Eenie, meenie, minnie, mo.  You did a good job.  This I know!!”

Question of the Day  (Mary McCarroll)
First, do a drum roll by slapping hands on thighs.
Second, count backwards from 10, 9, 8…0
Third, ask a question.  Put a T chart with “yes” and “no” on the board.  Children can place name cards or write their name under their answer.

Christmas Card Puzzle  (Bobbie Jean Hurde)
Cut up old Christmas cards and place them in a brown bag or zip bag.  Children shake up the bag and then put the puzzle together.

Ziploc Bag Quilt  (Elizabeth McIntosh, Whiteville, TN)
Put 16 ziploc bags together with duct tape so the tops of the bags are still open.  Slip cards into the bags with skills you are working on.   Create a second set of cards to match.  Children draw a card and then use a fly swatter to swat the card that matches the one they selected.  The same quilt can be used for upper and lowercase letters, pictures and sounds, math facts, and so forth.

Reading Station Puzzle  (Mandy Collins, Rossville, TN)
You will need cardboard puzzles to create this center.  Write sight words on the backs of the puzzle pieces.  Also write the sight words on the cardboard puzzle frame.  Children match words on the puzzle piece to the frame to complete the puzzle.

Word Bubble Map  (Linda Jo Kincaid)
Use bubbles to help children blend sounds and read words.  Make a bubble for each word family similar to the one shown.  Write the answers on the back.