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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

My husband's at the Smithsonian with our grandson and my daughter and her husband had to take Kalina to the doctor due to a cough.

And...I have a few minutes before I need to start cooking.

 I was lucky to be invited to sing at K.J.'s school this week.  I am a grandmother and a "grandmother teacher."  I sing, dance, laugh, and tell them how precious and wonderful they are --and they I say, "Good-bye."

After singing with the kindergarten children I had a few minutes to sit and visit with one class.  I told them how my grandson liked to hear stories about when I was in kindergarten.  One of my favorite memories is the day I painted my legs.  Yes, I might have been a little like Junie B. and Ramona.

Next, I sang with the first graders and focused on their social studies theme of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  We sang songs children might have sung 100 years ago like "Coming Round the Mountain" and "Over the River and Through the Woods."  We talked about how things were different then and how they are the same now.  I had had found an old Sally, Dick, and Jane book when I was reading to K.J. so I read that to them.  "Go!  Spot!  Go!"  They all laughed and I was able to praise them for being much readers than I was when I was in first grade.   I told them to ask their grandparents to tell them some stories about when they were in first grade.  We ended with "May There Always Be Sunshine" because clothing, transportation, and housing may change, but the way families LOVE each other will always be the same.

I hope you will "feel the love" over the next few days!